Gravity: A Cinematic Experience (A Spoiler Free Review)


The other night I had the true pleasure of viewing ‘Gravity‘ at my local theater. Honesty, I didn’t know what to expect. Before seeing a movie I always read the reviews, always, even if it spoils the movie for me. Honestly, every time I do it I regret it; and then I promise myself ‘its the last time I swear’ and well, it wasn’t. As usual the reviews were mixed, good, poor plot, beautiful scenery; ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. I arrived at the theater with my mother, retrieved my 3D glasses, sat directly in the middle, and I was blown away.

Everything from the graphics, the sound, and the subtle plot were just simply awe inspiring. I cannot describe to you how amazing yet terrifying the image space was. From the moment ‘Gravity’ begins until the moment it ends the audience is glued to the screen. The visuals are stunning, the subtle and touching plot pulls you in, and the sound simply pushes everything above and beyond.

Silence is such a strange concept, here on earth one cannot truly understand the concept of silence. The complete absentees of sound, the inability to process and receive vibrations. ‘Gravity’creates the feeling of space’s complete void. When the sound went to silence, true silence, for the first time, truthfully, I didn’t know how to react. My brain couldn’t process the lack of sound. The theater, full of teenagers, gabby moms, and pop corn munchers had fallen completely silent; not even a squeak of a chair to fill this emptiness. I cannot compare this experience to any other’s, in all my years I have never experienced such a quiet theater, nor do I expect to.

Gravity is truly one of the most innovative and captivating films I’ve seen in years. Contrasting the beauty of space with the striking reality of it’s dangers, ‘Gravity’ leave’s it’s audiences breathless. 5/5.



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