Kara: A PS3 New Technology (Short Film)


Kara presents a full spectrum of emotions and ultra-realistic gaming graphics. The short film Kara was produced by the game developer Quantic Dream to show off it’s new motion capturing software.


Never mind the new, and might I say impressive, technology the most impressive thing to me is how Quantic Dream was able to display such an immense amount of emotion and story in a brief amount of time.


Valorie Curry brings to life the character of Kara with her spot on voice acting. Curry brings a sense of innocence to her shockingly mature character. Kara is an advanced robot whom is able to speak multiple languages, cook, clean, and even schedule your appointments. Although it is clear that Kara is supposed to have some sort of “sympathy function” she is not supposed to understand or truly experience her feelings, simply know the definition.

In the moment of her demise Kara shouts out a shocking statement “I’m scared!”.This moment sent, sort of, gave me chills. Although I knew Kara was a sentient being from her questions, never did I believe she would feel.

Kara  rivals many of the films I’ve seen as of late. Although at only a few minutes long, the short film  surpasses a majority of Hollywood ‘block buster’ films on script and character development. In conclusion, Kara finds itself on the top of my favorite short films list.




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