Blowout (1981)


John Travolta stars with Nancy Allen in one of Brian de Palma’s best films. John Travolta plays Jack Terry, an unsuccessful (but busy) sound man for the movies. One fateful night Jack accidentally records a car crash; but there is something strange about his recording. There is a loud bang before the car crashes into the river. Jack believes he accidentally recorded an assassination of the next President of the United States.


Brian de Palma presents the audience with Jack Terry (a very like-able, hard working character who has obviously had a strange and difficult past) alongside a plethora  of unlikeable and complex characters. With a plot twist around every development and a new unusual discover popping up every moment views cannot help but be drawn in by the story. If the story doesn’t capture your attention the beautiful cinematography will. As the audience is dragged through the treachery of Jack Terry’s


unfortunate situation the film is displayed in an artistic whirlwind. Audiences cannot help but be captivated by the world conceptualized by de Palma. As a vicious murderer is piled onto the already bloodied table; the good and the bad finds itself morphing into the unknown. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good mystery, an old fashioned thriller, or just a good film in general.

BLOW OUT_164.tif

I will caution those seeking a happy ending. Although, justice is found no one’s feelings are spared. Save this amazing film for a day when you can handle, political thrillers, mystery murderers, dramatic irony, and a plot twist that just breaks your heart.


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