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Welcome to the Rileys (2010)

imageI’m always hesitant to view films that are set in New Orleans. There are really only two categories films can fall in, the first set of films generally fall into  what I like to call your “ragin’ cajuns”; where everything is “N’awlins Dawlin’ and it’s amazin’ in the Big Easy!” Meaning they throw every single cultural cliche, bad accent, and type of New Orleans food at you within the first thirty minutes. They over exaggerate everything  to where people who are unfamiliar with the culture, and even those familiar, become way too overwhelmed by the terrible representation of New Orleans culture. The second set of films are the ones with just simply terrible accents, these accents are SO bad they deserve their own category.  I know that I personally, and many other locals, would greatly appreciate NO accent over a terrible one. If you can’t do it justice, simply don’t do it. Shockingly, Welcome to the Rileys did not fall into either category.

*Caution Spoilers Below*

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